Here is a helpful video of how to correctly put your tail on and off  

These mermaid tails are very fun to swim in anywhere you go. But, to have the most fun and for it to last a long time you MUST take good care of your tail by following these suggestions:

Putting the tail on -    When you put your mermaid tail on, you should sit on a soft mat or a towel, or you can put it on in the pool. Put your feet in the mono fin (with the white protective cloth on as well as the fabric tail over that) then carefully pull up the fabric to your waist. Be careful to not stand on the tail in the pool which might scrape it.

After swimming  -  After each swim, it is recommended that you rinse out the salt water or chlorine from the tail to help prolong the bright color of the fabric. Simply pull it off from the mono fin and rinse it out in clean cold water then gently squeeze out excess water. We recommend laying the tail flat to dry, away from other fabrics to prevent any color running off. Do not be alarmed if you see color bleed a bit- it is typical of these fabrics.​

WARNINGS!!!  -   NEVER leave your tail in the direct sun. If you are going to leave your tail outside to dry, leave it in the shade. Again, DO NOT TRY NOT TO STAND ON YOUR TAIL ON THE GROUND OR ON THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL.  TRY NOT TO SCRAPE YOUR TAIL AGAINST ANYTHING SHARP OR ROUGH.


By purchasing, the buyer assumes any risk resulting from its use. Grow a Tail  does not assume any liability for any injuries or while wearing or handling our product.

The suggested minimum age requirement for using a tail is 8 years old due the to skills needed to swim with a monofin. It is strongly encouraged that a parent supervise and assist the new mermaid gain her mermaid swim skills as it does take some practice. It is also a good idea for the young mermaid to begin by swimming with just the monofin,(without the fabric tail,) so she won't stand on it excessively in the pool and risk tearing the fabric. When she gets a good feel for the way to swim with the monofin, she can put the fabric mermaid tail on.

Special Thanks to Ace Performer for designing our special mono fin that is crack resistant.

Mermaid Tail Care