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© 2016 | Mermaid Tails - SWIMMABLE mermaid tails are custom made mermaid tails making them the best mermaid tail!


mermaid tail for kids

ORDeR YOUR swimmable, custom made MERMAID TAIL HERE!!

 Our quality, custom made tails are $105, plus shipping for all sizes! Order your swimmable, custom made mermaid tail below. 

Order/Contact Information

​Have questions about our tails or would like to order one? Please contact us here and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. If you are going to order a tail, please give us the following measurements: 1) waist 2) hips and 3) waist to ankle bone. We also need your shoe size to make your mono fin and of course the color choice for your tail. You can see the choices here.  Please enter this information in the comment box below.

After you submit this form, we will follow up with you via email within 24 hours.