I'm not sure if I already told you, but if not, I wanted to let you know that my daughter was overjoyed with her tail! It turned out so much better than I imagined, it's beautiful! 

And the little fin down the back is perfect, exactly what she wanted! Thank your seamstress. She did amazing work. 

Everyone who sees the tail is very impressed. And now my younger daughter wants one - she's going to ask Santa next Christmas (so I may be ordering another). 
I will recommend you guys to anyone interested.

Hello - 
Let me 1st say that the tails arrived and are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so happy with them. I will have to send you pictures once I get them uploaded.  My youngest daughter, Morgan is 8 yrs old and she was kissing the box when it arrived.  ha ha ha.

"My Daughter loves it! Her friend Delaney got her parents to order her one also. She just received hers a few days ago."
   Just in....



   ...OMG I just got it I love it sooo much it looks perfect in the water [yes I risked getting frost bite in our pool because I  was so happy] it propels like a dream. It also fits like a glove, and the monofin is so super floppy, I scared my dad because he didn't know I had it yet and he thought that the tail was real!!!! ITS SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    ...super tails - my daughter is so in love with hers

   "AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL TAIL! Exceptional customer service, received it super fast and it was perfect! Thank you"

  This tail is amazing we took it to the Bahamas and our daughter was a hit at the hotel! I passed along your website to all that asked and that was a lot all day long as a matter of fact. People took photos from all over so hopefully she will be great business for you! Wonderful idea you deserve word of mouth!

 Here is the video of our beautiful daughter and her first swim with her tail! Betty is the best, and made sure that she received it for her Birthday! We so highly recommend this company!

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Your tails are amazing!!! I bought one and I love it soon much! I would recommend anyone to buy it ;)

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OMG Thank you so much I love it! It's so much fun! My friend is getting one too. Thank you so much. XD XD XD XD XD XD

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Two years ago, my sister and I each bought one. We live in Hawaii & use them ALL THE TIME. It is BEYOND fun swimming in the ocean and attracting he attention of excited little girls. These tails are amazing and they really do last pretty long. The fabric just recently started thinning out. There are one or two holes. and the fabric is still pretty shiny. They are very durable :)