First, we need some measurements so the mermaid tail will fit you perfectly. We simply need the following measurements (in inches) to begin crafting your unique, custom made mermaid tail: 

  1.  Waist 
  2.  Hips - measure all the way around the fullest part of your hips
  3.  Waist to ankle

Second, we need to know which dazzling color you'd like your mermaid tail to be? We have several mermaid tail colors to choose from below.

Sea Water Aqua

Deep Ocean Blue

New Tail Colors

plus sized mermaid tail

We can put a ruffle down the back of your

mermaid tail for extra detail. $20

Seastar Yellow

Orange Coral

Third, we need to know your shoe size for the proper mono fin fitting. We are proud to offer an exclusive hand crafted mono fin that will allow you to swim as a mermaid without worry of it cracking. An often overlooked part of the mermaid tail purchase is the mono fin that comes with the tail and ours is built to last. It will allow easy swishing and swirling through the water, totally giving the mermaid swim look and feel.  

Shimmer Gold

Ariel Red

Purple Current

You can easily begin to grow your beautiful mermaid tail in three easy steps  and then look forward to your underwater fun...


You can use the ORDER HERE page to place your order!

We have listened and are now happy to offer these fabrics for those wanting a scaled mermaid tail look. We do want you to know that these fabrics will not hold up as well as the other fabrics offered. With wear, the shinny pattern will likely rub off when rubbed on pool surfaces and will be broken down by choline. The fabric is gorgeous, but is not as durable and will get worn marks faster than one would hope. 

​We are only offering this fabric as a choice because several customers have asked for it. Please consider this information if you choose one of these new fabrics/colors.

Add a RUFFLE to your tail!

Ordering is EASY!

Shimmer Silver

Shimmer Green

Seaweed Green

Pink Shell

Our Tail Colors

Our swimmable mermaid tails are custom made to fit you perfect

Shimmer Aqua

Midnight Wave