Uncrackable mono fin

When making the decision of which mermaid tail to purchase one should not overlook the quality of the mono fin that comes with the tail. Nothing is more dissapointing than using your tail once or twice to find your mono fin has cracked. This cannot happen with our exclusive mono fin as they are handcrafted from superior rubber materials that will not crack. They are flexible, not too floppy, and will elegantely propel you through any water with swiftness and beauty.
Constructed from all rubber materials, our mono fin is lightweight and UNCRACKABLE. We truly believe it is the BEST MONO fin out there as it will give you long lasting mermaid fun and won't crack.

  $99  -   for the swimmable mermaid tail and mono fin

 ​In any size! (xs to PLUS size!)

McKenzi's Dream

Inspired by the enchanting thrill to swim as a mermaid, McKenzi Massey at age 13 made it her desire to offer quality swimmable mermaid tails to anyone who desires to become one! Five years later she has made many happy mermaids with her mermaid tail design (see comments from customers page) and exclusive hand crafted mono fin that will not crack but allow one to swim smooth and carefree as a mermaid in a custom made mermaid tail.

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Yes! You swim in them!

We offer quality custom made swimmable mermaid tails in a variety of colors for kids and adults. You can purchase different fabric tails too, to go over the mono fin that comes with your first order. All we need are your measurements (waist, waist to ankle and hips) to make you a perfect fitting mermaid tail guaranteed to bring lasting mermaid fun. We have happy mermaid customers in all 50 states and around the world and we look forward to helping you fulfill your dream of swimming like a mermaid in our custom made mermaid tail.

​​​​​Live your dream to swim like a real mermaid

 You can in one of our custom made swimmable Mermaid tails

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Onlookers think you are a real mermaid!

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